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Passenger Cars
Passenger cars provide us with our second highest volume of investigative business. We've all got one, they all give problems and require repair at some point.
Investigations ranging from assisting Insured parties following badly performed repairs and the very common "it wasn't like that before the accident" accusations to intense mechanical failure investigations have been undertaken.
The Mercedes SL63AMG V12 twin turbo engine shown below (valued at 1.1 Million Rands) was the focus of a high level investigation carried out by BAF into the cause of the irreparable damage to the power unit. 
The combination of our automotive engineering experience, the ability to precisely analyse the myriad of information from the Mercedes Benz Star diagnostics equipment and the ability to convey our findings through technically accurate, easily understandable  reports resulted in a favourable outcome for our client, a leading Insurer of Luxury Automobiles. 
The Insured claimed that the damage was the direct result of an accident when in fact he had driven the vehicle hundreds of kilometres, past many places of assistance after the accident despite considerable lubrication and cooling systems damage. All the while ignoring the vehicle's repeated warning systems. Our report withstood attempted rebuttals from other experts appointed by the driver at both the OSTI and in the High Court.
Alternatively, the engine below belonged to a lady who found herself at the wheel of a Polo that ended up losing its oil after striking a boulder on the R59.
Although this engine was also driven to the point of seizure, and the claim initially repudiated by the insurer for this fact, we were able to show that the Insured, a lone female driver, had no choice but to continue to drive as far away from the point of danger as possible, regardless of the damage caused to the engine.
Our recommendation to install a new engine at a cost of over R90,000 was approved by the Insurer. 
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