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OSTI representation / Objections to repudiations
Investigative Companies in our line of business are often seen as witch hunters for Insurance Companies who are appointed with the sole purpose of finding a reason for the Insurer to repudiate the claim.
Too often this is the case, with so called "experts" believing that the report they have been appointed to compile should favour who ever is paying their account, therefore many provide reports deliberately aimed at supporting a repudiation regardless of the facts of the matter.
In many cases, these "experts" offer up well worded but technically inaccurate opinions that end up needlessly costing operators hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of Rands when a claim is rejected - Banbury Auto Forensics has helped many Insured parties right this wrong!
Banbury Auto Forensics has an unrivalled success record as far as representations to the Ombudsman are concerned, not only for supporting an Insurers decision to reject a claim, but many also for Fleet Operators who have had a claim wrongfully repudiated.
Our level of competence and reputation for being totally honest and totally unbiased frequently gives us the edge when appealing a repudiation both at an Insurer and the OSTI. 
Many investigators pride themselves in how often they are asked to appear in Court to provide expert testimony in support of a report on an investigation they have conducted, as if this is something to brag about.
The fact is, we don't believe that ending up in Court is the answer! The findings of our reports are substantiated with hard facts and opinions based on 35 years of automotive engineering experience where it counts. Our aim is to provide all parties with enough credible information to know that further litigation would not change the situation.
Of course objections to these findings are often received and these are answered in every detail. But despite having conducted more than three hundred accident investigations / accident vehicle inspections over the last four years, the Ombudsman has not in this time, overturned the recommendations of one of our reports.
Although we have represented both Insuring and Insured parties at many heated negotiation and debate sessions, not one case of a motor vehicle accident or assessment of a vehicle involved in an accident where we have been involved from the start has resulted in a single Court case.

Of course occassions arise where a Court appearance is required and when it is, the list of Attorneys and Advocates who use our services on an exclusive basis, bears testimony to the level of service we provide.
Testimonials relating to our services from many of our clients can be supplied on request.
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