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Motor Cycles
Being a biker myself, I understand the complexities involved when dealing with Motorcyclists, their Insurers and specialist repairers.
My daughter Kaity - biker in the making
In this category, our investigations have included:
  • An unscrupulous claim on the part of an Insured where a complete custom paint job was             claimed as accident damage.
  •   Assisting an Insured client in validating a genuine claim for engine damage that resulted    from an accident.
  • Repudiation of a claim arising from a fire that was solely the fault of a "back yard" mechanic.
  • Repudiation of a claim for accident damage that was caused during an organised racing  event.
  • Assisting an Insured party who initially refused to admit that she simply made a very silly  mistake on the road and simply fell off her bike, chosing instead to blame a non-existent  mechanical failure - Insurance covers us for stupidity!
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