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I walked (limped) away from this!
The accidents in this category resulted in minor injuries to the occupant(s) of the vehicles.
An incredibly lucky unlicensed driver lost control of the Scania above and the two side tippers he had behind him and ended up in a river near Harrismith.
It is hard to believe that the photos below are of three vehicles. The Eagle 9800 and tandem interlinks took 39 hours to recover from the valley below the second arrestor bed on Van Reenens' after the rig went straight through due to the gravel having hardended after heavy rain.
The Volvo below ran into the back of a pair of fully loaded side tippers - the driver escaped with a few broken bones.
That the accident happened was hardly surprising when several of the brakes on the fully loaded trailers he was towing looked like the one above right.
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