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Foreign driving document verification
 ​We all should know that it is a requirement of the National Road Traffic Act – 93 of 1996 that in order to drive a vehicle on our roads, the driver be in possession of a valid Driver’s License for the class of vehicle and where required, a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP) or the equivalent document from any SADC country. 
The number of heavy commercial vehicle drivers from neighbouring states being granted work permits is on the increase, there are over 22,500 from Zimbabwe alone.
We have found that fleet operators rarely go to the trouble of verifying the validity of driving documents provided by foreign drivers. They often only find out that they had an unqualified driver behind the wheel after an accident when the Insurance Company repudiates the claim, or worse, the SAPS investigate why the unlicensed driver was allowed to drive.
It is the responsibility of the Operator to ensure that the person being employed to drive his vehicle holds the appropriate driving credentials before allowing them out on the road.
The procedure involved in performing this task frequently causes the employer to turn a blind eye to even some really bad fake licences and PrDP’s, presumably hoping they could rely on the excuse “it looked real to me” in the event of a disaster on the road. Unfortunately, in the eyes of both the SAPS and the Insurance Company – ignorance is no excuse.
We have been carrying out these verifications for almost two years at this point and the statistics that have emerged are nothing but frightening!
For example, we have found that out of 110 Zimbabwean drivers checked, 32% of driving licenses are fraudulent as are 56% of their PrDP’s equivalent, their Defensive Driving Certificates.
To assist both Fleet Operators and Insurance Companies avoid this unpleasant situation, while helping expose the fraudsters who are without the correct driving qualifications, contributing to the carnage on our roads, Banbury Auto Forensics can carry out the verifications for you.
Checks are carried out at source in the relevant country at the official custodian of the records for drivers’ licenses, providing written confirmation of our findings. Turn around times vary from Authority to Authority, but generally we have results within a few days.

Below is an example of the letter of confirmation that we are issued by the Central Vehicle Registry in Harare in respect of Zimbawean drivers' licenses.
  The authorities in all our neighbouring states are as concerned about the rise in driving document fraud as we are in the RSA.
Banbury Auto Forensics' efforts to reduce the number of illegal drivers on the road are appreciated by Traffic Authorities throughout the SADC countries.

We have already removed more that 50 illegal drivers from our roads in South Africa and reported these fraudsters to their relevant authorities and will continue to work with all concerned in an honest attempt to rid our roads of this scourge.
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