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Accident Investigation / reconstruction
Our name has become synonymous with easy to read, well illustrated, technically accurate reports that leave nothing to chance. Whether it be a full accident report on a multiple heavy commercial vehicle accident or a luxury car bumper bashing, you will get the facts to help you make the right decisions.
Detailed observations and extrapolated scenarios are accompanied by comparisons to manufacturers standards, policy requirements and where applicable relevant legislation. We offer factual comment based on almost thirty five years in the industry in South Africa that we are prepared to back up at the highest level.
Every opinion, every statistic, every scenario we provide is where possible, backed up by a bone fide reference to a traceable knowledgeable source. We don’t do “I think this or possibly, maybe that!”
This has earned us the respect of all of our clients that include leading Insurance companies, Advocates, Attorneys, fleet operators, the SAPS and private individuals.
Modern technology has provided us with various trafffic, vehicle and driver monitoring systems that we are fully au fait with.

More and more these days, on board and traffic control cameras capture a major accident as it happens, we have the tools and expertise to computer analyse this footage gleaning valuable reconstruction information from the footage where others only see an accident.
   Drivecam image  a second before a collision                                            SANRAL Bridgecam footage of an accident
In addition to video data, there are on board computers on most modern vehicles that can supply a plethora of critical information to assist in our investigation.
We have our own (limited) multi-brand device and  access to most proprietry scan tools that often allow us to extract valuable information from a vehicle's on board systems. 
Below is a clip of the data extracted from a Cummins ISX 500 engine ECM that we used in a report that saw a R1.5m insurance claim repudiation overturned for our client .
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